Concealed Carry Insurance - Don't Leave Home Without It!

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Concealed Carry Insurance - Don't Leave Home Without It!

(Many people have the impression that their Homeowners Insurance will cover them in the event they have a Self Defense Event. Some do, if that event takes place in the home but outside the home most don't. That's why there are policies specifically for those who carry.)

A Cautionary Tale heard at the  Denver Gun Show

Last weekend at the Tanner Gun Show in Denver a table sponsored by the USCCA - the United States Concealed Carry Association  - was across from us. We know the guys who were working the table and chatted with them off and on over the two days. They told us a rather chilling tale from a fellow who signed up for the USCCA Carry Insurance program. It was a bit of Barn Door Locking on his part but he knew first hand what can happen without coverage.

Seems he was staying at a hotel down in Castle Rock  - a town about 20 minutes south of Denver. It was one of the hotels where your door opens up to the outside  - he apparently was on the ground floor. While I don't know all the specifics the core of the story is that he had an encounter outside his room with a guy wielding a knife. Feeling threatened he drew his carry gun, held it pointed at the ground and yelled at the would be attacker to get away - which he did.

Sounds pretty cut and dried...but police got involved and while the guy with the knife wasn't arrested the guy with the gun was. In Colorado there isn't a specific "Brandishment" law.  What are  applied instead are charges for "Felony Menacing" and "Assault with a Deadly Weapon".  "Our Guy" was charged with both.  Everything was on the parking lot video. He ultimately prevailed in court, the charges were dismissed.  Again, I don't know all the specifics but I do know this...he still owed his attorney $17,000. Yikes!  If that doesn't prompt you to look into Carry Insurance I don't know what would.

We're not here to promote any particular program. You can easily do the research yourself and make the choice that's best for you. I did a quick Search and turned up a Gun Digest article from last August that featured 4 Nationwide Insurance offerings.

United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (ACLDN)

U.S. Law Shield

NRA Carry Guard

With plans starting at just +- $150 per year Carry Insurance is something you really cannot afford to be without!




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Show Us Your Guns!
Show Us Your Guns!

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...for the safety of all, unload outside and follow the signs to the Check Table to have your firearm checked and secured with a zip tie.

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