Canvas Concealed Carry Bags

Canvas bags for Men and Women! These bags feature wide straps making them more comfortable on shoulder or cross body.

We have small bags  for .380's and the like...Medium bags with features such as padded sections for tablets and other large devices...and large Briefcase / Messenger style bags with capacity for carry guns up to and including 19ll and the Big Glocks!

Recently we received the nicest comment from a firearms training professional. It reinforced everything we set out to do when creating these and all our Cross Body Carry selections...

My name is Glen Stilson and I am the head instructor for Independence Training, an emergency response training organization based in Phoenix, AZ. We had a student show up to training today with one of your canvas bags. Normally we expect purses/bags to fail at some point during training, or at least prevent a clean draw stroke, but your bag surprised me. It is well thought out and well made, and also doesn't scream "I have a gun!" I hadn't heard of your product before, but I'm glad that I have now, and look forward to telling more of our female students about Camille Conceals.

Glen Stilson