Camille Conceals Falling Star - A Black Canvas Shoulder/Cross Body Concealed Carry Bag

  • "Falling Star" is a Black canvas bag that's perfect when you're out and about but don't want a carry a large purse. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or cross body. The strap is a comfortable 1 1/2" wide with an adjustable 24" drop.

    9" tall, 7" wide with a 4" gusset means there's room for all your essentials! There's a lined zipper pouch on the front flap. Under the flap you'll find a convenient drop in pocket for your phone and a lined zipper closure pouch - 7" x 8". The main interior section has a traditional purse lining with pockets and a rear zipper pouch. The built in holster is accessed via the rear zipper which is 7" wide.

    Note: We have no control over your use of our products. We encourage you to safely practice your draw using a dummy gun or your unloaded firearm. Always keep control of any concealed carry bag. Do not allow children access to your firearms.

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  • Is it possible to lock this bag?

    Thanks for asking!
    I don't use key lock zippers for a variety of reasons.
    On many of my bags the zipper can be secured in a
    "Safety Cap" manner by clipping the holster pocket zipper tab to a
    strap "D" ring. I show this in the photo which is of the "Windom".
    On some of the bags the strap swivel may be clipped to the zipper tab
    others require a jump clip which I can provide.
    Unfortunately the Falling Star doesn't have a D ring on that side.
    Hope this helped

  • I have a Bursa 380 thunder with a magazine that carries 15 shots will this work, trying to go a smaller handbag.

    Hello, Thanks for asking! The Falling Star is an attractive and versatile compact bag but its holster would be too tight for your Bersa which - as .380's go - is larger than most. While it would fit - it would be tight and the draw could be difficult. If you're focused solely on my Canvas bags, I'd suggest you consider the Windom or perhaps one of the