Simply the Best Concealed Carry Vest! Light and Breathable with Versatile Integral Holster Pockets

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You could call it Vestivus...a Carry Vest for the Rest of Us!

It's actually the BodyGard Holster Shirt by Forged bodyGear and it's the perfect solution for so many carry situations where you want or need to be On Body.

Off and on for years I've worked on various Concealed Carry Vest designs. What's out there are "Tactical" outer vests loaded with pockets and Hook and Loop or T-Shirts with Hook and Loop  patches under the arms onto which you adhere various sleeve holsters. While I'm sure there are those who find them ideal, I never have due to their weight, bulk or awkward draw especially for those who have a  shorter waist. Then I met this vest...and fell in love.

It's an Under Vest that you wear with a shirt or other open jacket / top.  I love it because it's made with light weight Spandex / Nylon fabric which breaths as it "Hugs" you without binding. The holsters are made with Perforated Neoprene - similar, in a way, to my TopDraw™ Purse and Carry Bag Holsters. The Holster Pockets are well positioned on both sides allowing you to choose the best access for your body and draw. The off side holster can be used to carry personal items...keys, wallet and so forth...or Alternative Defense such as a Knife, Pepper Defense or the like.

The design of this vest places the weight on your shoulders, not your neck.  That's a big deal. If you look up the reviews of traditional vests one of the biggest complaints is discomfort and  pain resulting from the weight being placed on the back of the neck.

Then there's the zipper. I love the zipper! It gives you the freedom to adjust for comfort - hot or cold - and this design can work effectively with the zipper completely open if circumstances call for that. The quality and attention to detail stand out when you feel the lining on the back side of the zipper; there so it won't chafe or itch when worn against your skin.

We all know there's no one perfect Concealed Carry method. Different situations require different solutions. Shopping - Walking - Running -  Hiking - Biking... this vest definitely has a place in your carry option wardrobe!

Please Note that while the holster will accommodate a 5" 1911 it's really not intended for Full Size guns. It's best suited for small to medium frame Semi Automatic pistols or "J-Frame"  revolvers.

Disclaimer: Carrying a firearm brings with it inherent risks. Camille Conceals and 2 Magpies Designs LLC assume no liability for loss, injury, death or dismemberment resulting from the use of our products.





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