Bud's Belts...Premium Leather 1.5" Belts - These are the Real Deal at an exceptional price!

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Exceptional quality 1 1/2" Leather Belts! We employ our "Semi-Custom" approach to the making of these belts in order to offer a stout belt that's One Piece of Leather at this very affordable price.

Longer - They are true Gun Belts in that they're 4" longer than a dress belt and have 7 notches instead of the usual 5. 

Stronger - They're one piece of leather hide..not layers of thin leather laminated together. They're over 1/4" thick. They will not stretch or bend. Your trousers won't be sliding down all the time like they do with a thin dress belt. The single stitch is decorative but not necessary - again because this is one piece of leather.

Better - The  Buckles are Stainless Steel and are attached using Chicago Screws - not rivets. This allows you to change the Buckle at will. These compare with belts in the $80 to $100 range!

Choosing your Size - Measure your favorite belt from the loop to the notch you use. Provide that length at checkout and we'll send the right belt for you!