Grip Hugger - Clipless Inside Waistband Holster - Use With or Without a Belt!

Grip-Hugger Holsters

A Better Way to Carry "In the Waistband"

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When ordering please use the "Note" box on the Cart Page to tell us which gun your holster needs to fit and if  you use a laser!

  • An "In Waistband" Holster that's Comfortable? Yes! Unlike hard Kydex or Leather, Grip-Huggerworks with you. It "gives" when you sit - it doesn't bite or dig into your skin. Because there's no clip it's easy to reposition as you go through your day and you never have to sit on it when you drive. It's easy to remove holster and gun together to place in your console or glove box, secure and protected as if in a case!
  •  No Belt?- No Problem!  Grip-Hugger will maintain its position as long as there's sufficient compression between it and your waistband. Of course you have to use common sense about it but Grip-Hugger can stay put even in your Spandex or Draw String waistbands.
  •  They're Durable  The surface material of the holster is a PVC product that was originally developed as Non-Skid Flooring! Our three layer construction provides "structure" and the matching edge binding aids retention unlike Nylon.
  • Best Lining The lining of a Grip-HuggerHolster is 1000 Denier Cordura® Nylon, a proven choice in Sporting Gear, which provides good retention while at the same time is kind to your finish.
  •  It's Washable  The padded center of the holster is Closed Cell Foam. You can, and    should from time to time, wash your Grip-HuggerHolster to remove skin oil and hand lotion which can diminish the "Grip". Take it to the sink holding it with the opening down then simply use your favorite Dish Soap to lather the surface, rinse and dry.
  •  Best Selection     We make Grip-Hugger holsters in two configurations. Standard Fit which we denote as "-1" and Laser Fit which is "-2". 

 If you've been avoiding In-the-Waistband On-Body Carry because you  found it uncomfortable or because you don't wear a belt, you owe it to yourself to try a Grip-Hugger ... and we'll go one step further. If you don't find it to be the best IWB method you've tried send it back in good condition for a full refund!

Caution: Always make sure you're in compliance with all applicable laws. Safely practice your draw with a dummy gun or your unloaded firearm. Be sure your Holster and Gun are secure in your waistband. Keep firearms away from children. Concealed Carry is about protecting yourself and your loved ones. Make sure you're as competent as you can possibly be!

Grip-Hugger™ is a product of Two Magpie Designs LLC. We have no control over your use of this product. Use at your own risk.

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