Windom Charcoal Canvas Concealed Carry Bag - Versatile - Large Holster!

  • This is a rugged versatile Canvas Conceal Carry Bag with loaded with room for the rest of your life. With the wide adjustable strap you can wear it Cross Body or as a Shoulder Bag. The bag is 9 1/2" wide, 12" tall and the main body of the bag is 2"  "deep".

    Our exclusive Duo Pocket Top Draw Holster is in the rear pocket so you can access it without impediment. It's large enough for larger Semi Auto's such as M&P Shield, Walther CCP / PPS, Springfield 3.3 and 4" and similar. If you have a concern about the fit for your firearm please contact us before ordering. 

    Under the front flap there's a convenient Drop In pocket for your phone and a zipper pocket as well. The flap is secured by adjustable leatherette straps with magnet catches so it looks right and is easy to access! Above the flap on the front wall is another deep zipper pocket. The Interior is fully lined and has traditional purse features such as front wall drop in pockets and a rear zipper compartment.

    The Holster is Ambidextrous!

    This bag has our exclusive Top Draw Holster that keeps your firearm upright or at an ideal cant, ready for a fast effective whole hand draw. It's unique design affords a draw that's as efficient as a holster on your hip. The holster is made of durable 3mm Neoprene with additional side panels to prevent printing and accidental manipulation. It has a short center divider to keep your firearm in position whether you place it on the left or right side.

    This holster design also accommodates your non-firearm safety gear such as flashlight, stunner and pepper gel for those times when you don't wish to have your gun with you.

  • Note: We have no control over your use of our products. We encourage you to safely practice your draw using a dummy gun or your unloaded firearm. Always keep control of any concealed carry bag. Do not allow children access to your firearms.

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  • Re: Windom Charcoal Canvas Concealed Carry Bag - Versatile - Large Holster I am a male 6' 3" @ 300# interested in your bag. My issue has been with all the bags on the market is the strap has been too short. I want to wear the bag in a cross fit pattern (on my left shoulder with the bag hanging on my right side). The problem has been with the shoulder strap all the way out I end up with the bag 4-5" above my waist/belt and I really want it to be about 1 - 2" below. I have tried on a few to add chain to extend the length, but that does not give the effect I want. It would be nice if it came with a handle at the top of the bag, but since it is a 9 - 10" width I am looking for, I guess I will compromise if I can get the length.

    On the Windom I can make a custom length strap if you'd provide
    the length you'd like to have - tip to tip.

    As for a bag with a handle, in my leather bag line There's the Compact Day Pack which'has both a strap and a handle.
    There, though, I cannot make a longer strap.