Custom Conversions

Custom Concealed Carry Conversion!

Do you have a purse you just love?

Do you wish it could be a proper "Gun Invisible"™ Concealed Carry bag?

Perhaps I can make your wish come true!         

 There are Purse Holsters that you buy and place into your've probably seen those. They take up half your interior space and can leave the gun visible when you open your bag. My approach is totally different. Just as I do with the bags I offer in my line, I'll  build my exclusive 4 layer Top Draw™ Holster System into your special purse.

Not every bag is a candidate for Conversion. We'll have to chat about your project - I'll need to see some photos. To start the process email me at CamilleConceals@Gmail.Com . Tell me a bit about the bag - send some photos showing the front, back and interior. We can chat from there.

The cost varies but in general projects start at $60 ... plus postage to and fro. 

 I look forward to hearing from you!


Here are a couple of Coach Bags and a Vera Bradley I've done recently


" is beautiful, you did an awesome job and I love it!  Thank you so much!"