Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your selections because you need to be comfortable carrying every day.

We've been selling our bags and holsters at Gun Shows as well as on Etsy and Amazon since 2013. We value our positive relationships with both our in-person and online customers. 

We know it's a leap of faith to buy a purse or bag that you haven't held in your hands. We are, though, confident that if you make a good choice based on our descriptions you'll be happy. If you aren't sure about a bag you're considering please contact us so we can chat about your specific needs.

If you're not happy with your purchase send it back for exchange or a full refund. We only ask that the bag be in unused and saleable condition.  

Disclaimer: We have no control over how you use our products. 

Practice Your Draw - safely - with your firearm unloaded.
"Shooting though the purse" is not a plan - it's a last resort. Develop the skills you'll need if ever you are called upon to defend yourself and your loved ones from harm.