Camille Conceals "Annie" - A Holster with a Wallet Wrapped Around It!

  • We consider "Annie" to be a foundation piece for every woman who carries. It's a light weight Genuine Leather Mini Conceal Carry bag with wallet features. There's a front section with slots for your cards and I.D.. There are 2 additional zipper pockets on the front and one on the back. There's even a drop-in pocket on the back for your Phone!

    If you need more room you can remove the strap and place the bag in your larger Totes or Purses. We have Gate Rings you can buy to secure your Annie to your bag's straps. We also offer Totes that have mounts for all the Minimalist bags in this collection.

    Annie also has a "Safety Cap" feature. When you're around little kids you can secure the zipper tab to the strap swivel as a way of locking out little fingers.

Light Brown
Olive Green

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