Black Perforated Concealed Carry Tote with Mounts for Annie or Cosmo Carry Bags

Large Versatile Perforated Fashion Tote with Mounts we install so you can attach one of our "Wallet Holster" Concealed Carry Bags such as our Annie or Cosmo. This gives you the ability to switch back and forth between Small Carry Bag or Big Bag for the day. It's really a very clever system.

They have tons of room and feature a colorful center bag. There are Handles and a Cross Body Strap which has Buckle Adjustment.  They're 13" Long, 12" Tall with a 6 1/2" Floor Width.

There are two ways to buy these. As the tote itself, perhaps you already have an Annie or Cosmo, or order it with your choice of an Annie or Cosmo Concealed Carry Bag and save on the Combo Package! If you choose this option be sure to send a message telling us which color carry bag you would like.



Carry Combo

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