Hobo Bag in the Close-Out Closet - Minor Blemish -Save $30 - Concealed Carry - Loads of Space and a Large Ambidextrous Holster

The Pink Hobo from this group acquired a minor blemish on the back of the bag. It's shop wear from the zipper pull I provide to facilitate fast access to the holster and firearm. There's a photo of it in close-up. It really is that minor but it's enough that the bag should be offered at a discount. I'm leaving some of the photos of other colors in so you can see the features of this beautiful bag.

The Regular Price on this bag is $99.95

The Close-Out Closet Price is $69.95!


So often I hear from women that they'd like a large bag - that's not heavy - and that facilitates safe "Gun Invisible™" Carry.

While shopping for the Fashion Totes I offer that go with my Minimalist Bags I found these three slouchy Hobo Bags.  I liked the feel of the Faux Leather material, the interior features and the overall size of the bags. The nice wide Guitar Straps help distribute the weight of a larger bag. I built my Top Draw™ holster in to the rear pocket for fast easy access.

They're  15" wide, 14" Tall with a 3 1/2" Gusset.  The interior is lined with soft yet  durable fabric. I really liked what they did on the back wall, attaching a zipper pouch that's stitched at the bottom to the back wall forming a convenient drop-in for things you need to access easily such as your phone, keys glasses and so forth.

I built my exclusive Duo Pocket Top Draw™ holster system in to the rear outer pocket. This keeps it out of the main body of the bag and accessible without any obstruction. The Holster System is designed to be "Gun Invisible" and  avoid "Printing" and as you can see in the photos even with a "M&P Shield" size gun there's no indication.

The ambidextrous draw is natural and effective - especially if you wear your bag Cross Body.  The holster area is large...9" wide and 6 1/2" deep. There's room for your revolver or semi automatic up to and including medium frames such as M&P Compact and Shield, Springfield XDS, Glock 43, SIG 938, Ruger SR9 and similar.

As always, if you're concerned about firearm fit contact me so we can chat about your needs.

Note: We have no control over your use of our products. We encourage you to safely practice your draw using a dummy gun or your unloaded firearm. Always keep control of any concealed carry bag. Do not allow children access to your firearms.


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