The Buckle Bag - A Limited Edition (There are only 5 available) Top Draw Concealed Carry Fashion Bag by Camille Conceals

One of the many advantages to doing things the way I do - building my holster into finished bags - is that I get to shop the markets for fun and functional bags that are perfect for every day carry. Sometimes a particularly nice fashion bag catches my eye and if it offers the right combination of features,style and holster build-out potential I'll buy one or two. That's the case with these "Buckle Bags". There are 5 of them - one each of the colors shown.

They're an exceptionally nice synthetic leather. You know how sometimes you almost have to smell the bag to know if it's real or just feels so good? These are like that. Well - all my "Vegan Leather" bags are like that. I'm picky that way :-)

It's 11" tall and 10" wide - the perfect size for every day carry. Not too small - not too large. 

Under the flap there's a drop in for your phone. Inside there are three compartments. The front and rear compartments have zipper closures while the center section is open at the top for the things we need to find quickly like glasses, keys and so forth. The best part is...the front and rear sections are expandable so the bag can be slender or wide depending on how you fill it.

I built my exclusive Duo Pocket Top Draw™ holster system in to the rear outer pocket. This keeps it out of the main body of the bag and accessible without any obstruction from the flap. The ambidextrous draw is natural and effective - especially if you wear your bag Cross Body.  The holster area is large...7" wide and 7" deep. There's room for your revolver or semi automatic up to and including medium frames such as M&P Shield, Springfield XDS, Glock 43, SIG 938, Ruger SR9 and similar.

As always, if you're concerned about firearm fit contact me so we can chat about your needs.

Note: We have no control over your use of our products. We encourage you to safely practice your draw using a dummy gun or your unloaded firearm. Always keep control of any concealed carry bag. Do not allow children access to your firearms.



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