Marlie - Genuine Leather Conceal Carry Cross-Body Mini Purse Carry It, Wear It, or Drop It in Your Favorite Purse!

        So often we're asked for a small bag that can be carried or dropped into a purse or tote. Marlie is that bag!

        At 9" wide, 6 1/2" tall with a 1" gusset it's a little slip of thing with our exclusive TopDraw™ holster built in the center section. There are pockets on the outside both front and back for the essentials. Cards, ID, Cash and so forth.

        You can wear it cross body, on your shoulder or nestle it in to a larger purse or tote. Zipper closed it's totally discrete inside your bag. Nobody would suspect you're carrying!

        The holster has impressive capacity for such a small bag. Not just smaller .380's but also compact Semi-Automatics such as SIG 938/239/365..Ruger LC9 - SR9..J frame Revolvers..Springfield XDs and the like. Please be in touch before ordering if you have fit concerns.

        Marlie definitely has a place in your "Carry Wardrobe" !

                  Note: We have no control over your use of our products. We encourage you to safely practice your draw using a dummy gun or your unloaded firearm. Always keep control of any concealed carry bag. Do not allow children access to your firearms.

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        • I have several of your purses, and you even re-worked a Vera Bradley purse for me.👍 Love them all. But would like a small one like the Marlie to drop in my tote for work. I have a Glock 43, is it too large for this purse? Thank you!

          So good to hear from you. I fondly recall that Vera Bradley Project :-)
          Glad to hear they're serving you well.

          Yes - the 43 will fit the Marlie. It will be at a bit of a cant rather than straight up and down
          but you'll still have good acquisition and draw.

          Best regards,

        • I have a S&W shield will that fit?

          I'm afraid that the M&P Shield is too large for the Marlie :-(